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Examples of Early Intervention Services include:

– Speech Therapy

– Occupational Therapy

– Physical Therapy

– Special Education

– Service Coordination(required for any child with an IFSP)

– Assistive Technology

The early intervention program is a state wide family centered program for infants and young children ages birth to three with developmental delays and/ or a diagnosed condition with a high probability of developmental delay. Family participation is encouraged and services are provided in the child’s natural environment whenever possible.

Eligibility Criteria

A referral for a child living in Seneca County who is suspected of having a developmental delay can be completed by the child’s primary care physician, daycare provider, parent or other adult involved in the child’s life.

A child referred with a diagnosed medical condition that often leads to developmental delays, such as Down Syndrome, Autism, etc., will automatically be eligible for early intervention services.

A child referred without a diagnosed medical condition that is suspected of having a developmental delay will need to have a multidisciplinary evaluation completed to determine eligibility. An eligibility criterion is defined in the NYS Regulations that govern the Early Intervention Program. The results of the multidisciplinary evaluation will help determine which services may or may not be needed for the child.

Early Intervention FAQ’s

How do I refer my child to Early Intervention?
Referrals can be made by calling The Health Department at 315-539-1920 or faxing the request to 315-539-9493

What if my child’s primary care physician sent a referral but I don’t think my child has any delays?
Early Intervention is a voluntary program offered to children in Seneca County from birth to age three. Families have the choice to participate in or decline the program. 

What will services do for my child?
Early Intervention services are aimed at meeting the child’s developmental needs and helping parents move their child towards age appropriate skills

Will Early Intervention cost my family anything?
There is no direct cost to the family for Early Intervention services. Reimbursement for services is sought from third party payers (insurance companies), but by law cannot affect the family’s insurance lifetime cap or any deductions. For children who are uninsured or underinsured the services are direct costs for Seneca County.

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