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Chersti Kuhlmann
CYSHCN Program Coordinator

2465 Bonadent Drive
Suite 3
Waterloo, NY 13165


The goal of the CYSHCN Program is to work with families to help them meet medical and non-medical needs of children with special needs.

The program can assist in the following ways:

  • Connect Families with health care providers
  • Offer information regarding health insurance
  • Referrals to other County agencies such as Preschool and Early Intervention Programs as well as other agencies to accommodate the child’s needs.
  • Advocate on behalf of the families to help them meet their needs.

Case management is a free service under this program, offering outreach and referral to connect families with appropriate services.

Any child in Seneca County under 21 years of age who has or is suspected of having a physical defect or chronic medical condition is eligible. There are over 150 physically handicapping conditions covered. Among these are the following:
cerebral palsy, congenital malformations, hearing disabilities, asthma, and scoliosis. If in doubt about whether a certain condition is included within the scope of the program, contact the Program Coordinator.

If your child is suspected of being physically handicapped or having a chronic medical condition or special health care needs, you may contact the Seneca County Children with Special Needs Program Coordinator directly.
Our program may help you obtain information regarding scheduling appointments with approved physicians and/or specialty centers for diagnostic evaluations. If your child had already been diagnosed and is in need of treatment our program may be able to help financially.

The diagnosis and evaluation portion of the program is available without financial eligibility requirements. The specialist appointments, x-rays, lab work, EKG’s, etc. are paid for by the State and Federal Governments after any medical insurance is applied.
The treatment portion of the program is a gap filling service for underserved or uninsured children ages 0-21. It is utilized when an item or service is not covered by insurance, when the insurance benefit has been exceeded, or when there is a high out-of-pocket cost to the family. A confidential financial investigation is done by our program coordinator. Services authorized are paid for by Public Health Funds (State Aid) or private resources including medical insurances. The amount and source of payment is based on the confidential review of each family’s financial resources and obligations.

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