Does your child need a new bicycle helmet?

Contact the Seneca County Health Department today and ask how you can receive a FREE bicycle helmet as part of Seneca County Health Department’s Helmet Distribution Program.

Phone: 315-539-1920

Who needs a bike helmet and why?

  • Any bicyclist regardless of age or how far they are riding should wear a bicycle helmet.
  • NYS Law-All persons between the ages of 1-14 are required to wear a certified helmet when bicycling, in-line skating, operating a non-motorized scooter or skateboard.
  • A helmet provides protection from the weather including the sun, rain and hail
  • Wearing a bike helmet when bicycling can reduce the risk of brain injury by 88%.
  • The most important reason to wear a bike helmets is to protect the brain from concussions and other serious head injuries as a result of an unexpected impact. Compared to the lifetime cost of a head injury the cost of a bike helmet is cheap.
  • Brain injuries do not heal like broken bones. Injuries to the brain are often permanent and disabling.

How can I tell if my bicycle helmet fits properly?

  • When the chin strap is buckled, a bicycle helmet should have a snug but comfortable fit. You should not be able to move the helmet from side to side or up and down.
  • The helmet should sit level on the head (not tilted back) and rest low on the forehead.
  • The bottom edge of the helmet should be 1 to 2 finger widths above the eyebrow.
  • Another technique to check proper positioning: your eyes should be able to see the very edge of the helmet when looking upward.
  • The straps of the helmet need to be even and should form a “Y” that comes together right at the bottom of the earlobe. The straps should be snug against the head.
  • The buckled chin strap should leave only enough room to allow one finger to be inserted between the buckle and chin. When opening your mouth, you should be able to feel the helmet pull down on your head.

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