Director of Public Health
Scott King

Phone: (315) 539-1951
Fax: (315) 539-9493

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Deputy Director of Public Health

Kimberly Abate

             Phone:  (315) 539-1925                Fax: (315) 539-1951

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Director of Environmental Health

Mary Jump

Phone: (315) 539-1919
Fax: (315) 539-4745

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Public Health Division

(315) 539-1920

Director of Public Health
Scott King

Deputy Director of Public Health                 Kimberly Abate

Registered Nurses
Mary Reese, RN
Kristina Knight, RN                                Ashley Lott, RN

CSHCN/ PHCP Coordinator
Chersti Kuhlmann

Senior Public Health Educator          Andrew VanCuren

Public Health Educator                     Andrew Rude

Public Health Specialist                            Austin Williams

Early Intervention Service Coordinators
Betty Sherman

Kendra Brigham

Staff Resource Assistant                     Tammy Reynolds

Environmental Health Division

(315) 539-1945

Director of Environmental Services          Mary Jump

Staff Resource Assistant
Jennifer Bates

Public Health Sanitarians
 Julie Hoster                                           Melissa Brown                                         Kevin Serrett

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